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布主要检查什么 布网是什么意思

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1. 布网 1. heM:布假cirbafekaF | 布网heM | 带紧松citalE 2. pread net:設網 et trap; | 布網 pread net; | 漏網 ecape being caught; 3. 911查询·英语单词 3. ma ?ga:绢 钵吒 pa ??a | 布 网? ma ?ga | 布 他

1. 布网

1. hseM:布假cirbafekaF | 布网hseM | 带紧松citsalE

2. spread net:設網 set trap; | 布網 spread net; | 漏網 escape being caught;

3. 911查询·英语单词

3. ma ?ga:绢 钵吒 pa ??a | 布 网? ma ?ga | 布 他者? tha ca ?a

1. 我在各种儿童马靴、方头皮鞋、帆布网球鞋和不成对的靴子里翻找,最后挑了一双全新的黑白色尖头鞋,看起来尺寸合适
    I poked through the assortment of childrens saddle shoes, square-toed brogues, canvas tennis shoes, and the odd unmated boot, choosing at last a pair of brand new black-and-white wingtips that seemed to be my size.

2. 公司主要产品有平布,有光涤平布,有光锦平布,定型纱,涤纶底布网,锦纶底布网,瑞士网,美国网,有光美国网,条纹锦底网,涤纶弹力网,锦纶弹力网,氨纶弹力网,涤氨弹力网,锦氨弹力网,6474网,6476网,涤细网,锦细网,钻石网,棱角网,银棱网,金棱网,透明网,加强透明网,低弹网等网布。
    Our main products have plain cloth, plain cloth Youguang Dixin, Youguang Kam plain cloth, stereotypes yarn, polyester fabrics at the end of net, nylon cloth at the end of Net, Net, Switzerland, USA Network, USA Network Youguang, Kam stripes at the end of Net, Net stretch polyester, nylon stretch net, stretch Spandex Net, Net elastic ammonia scrubber, Kam ammonia Stretch Net, Net 6474, Net 6476, Net Di Fine, Kam small Net, Diamond Net, Net angular, silver Prism Net, the Net Prism, transparent networks, to strengthen transparent Nets, Nets, etc. mesh.

3. 网孔规格尺寸50~200是金属丝布网,并采用穿孔不锈钢加固。
    Mesh sizes 50 - 200 are wire cloth screen with perforated stainless steel reinforcement.

4. 911查询·英语单词

4. Weighs up to 200 kg来自蛛网的灵感这座奇妙的、看似一顶大帐篷的建筑位于加拿大的蒙特利尔,建筑师的灵感来自一只小虫或一种蛾子长腿巢蛾,它在灌丛或树丛中布网捕食。
    This fascinating building looks like a big tent and is in Montreal, Canada. The architect has been inspired by a little insect or moththe spindler ermine, which makes its web in bushes and trees. The architects name is Frei Otto.

5. 布网的翻译

5. 对岳阳洞庭湖大桥三塔斜拉桥三塔的位移和扭转变形,提出了布网方案、观测方法和计算方法;按相关平差的理论严密估算了变形观测的精度;得出的一些结论可作为以后实际变形观测的借
    This paper puts forth an observation and a calculation method about the horizontal displacement and torsion deformation of Yueyang Dongting Bridge s main suspended towers and strictly estimated the observation accuracy of deformation with the theory of the correlated adjustment.

6. 但是并非最强大的经济体就是布网最密的。
    But it is not always the most powerful economies that are most wired.

7. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

7. 销售网络形成了全国布网,网连一片的销售与服务格局。
    Sales network fabric to form a national network, network sales and service with a pattern.

8. 布网

8. 在所有飞鸟的视角下布网怎么可能有用?
    How useless to spread a net in full view of all the birds.

9. 这些结果为衡量无线传感器网络性能提供了理论基础,对实际布网和网络优化等具有一定的指导意义。
    These results provide theoretical basis for measuring network performance, and can serve as a guideline in sensor network layout and optimization.


10. 通过分析土工格网和构筑物台背及路基填土三者之间相互作用的力学特性,提出了一种采用土工格网加固桥涵、通道等横路构筑物台背路基填土的力学模型,通过对所导出的控制方程进行求解,得出了以土工格网的抗拉强度为设计指标的纵断面布网间距设计的理论与方法,并在多个土工格网加固桥台台背回填路基的实体工程中得到了应用。
    A nonlinear mathematical model for geogrid reinforced subgrade behind abutments is presented by the analysis of the mechanical behavior between geogrid and abutments as well as subgrade soil in this paper.

11. 布网

11. 通过选点、布网、觇标选择、精度估算等手段,利用四边形准确地确定了近井点坐标,为矿井的工程测量提供了理论依据。
      By choosing the point, spreading net, mark choice, accuracy estimate, and the square to make sure the near-shaft control point, provides the theoretical basis for the engineering measure.

12. 布网的解释

12. 传感器节点可以方便的配置在需要检测的领域,并且应用在一些特殊条件的环境中,摒弃了有线网络布网费用高,维护繁琐的诸多弊端。
      Configuration of sensor nodes can be accessibly placed in the areas of need and some special conditions, eliminating the high cost of cable network distribution and cumbersome maintainence shortage.

13. 911查询·英语单词

13. 短基线相位干涉技术具有测角精度高,基线短,布网灵活,实时性好等特点,非常适用于对同步轨道及其以内地球卫星的现有测控手段进行增强和补充。
      Short baseline connected-element interferometry (CEI) has the advantages of high angular precision, baselines of short length, flexible network distribution, nearly real-time processing, which can be adopted to complement and enhance the measurement and control system of geostationary satellites and other satellites at present.

14. 城市立交永久性监测网布网方案探讨
      On exploration of net arrangement scheme for permanent monitoring network for city flyover

15. 铁路工程建设的平面控制网应沿线路走向分级布网
      The horizontal control network of railway project shall be distributed as per level along the railway alignment.

16. 安全部队正在更广泛地布网
      The security forces are casting their net wider.

17. 按照这一思路,对地震地下流体观测的布网与选井原则提出了新的补充意见;
      According to the conception, new complementarity thinking for the distribution of observational network of seismic subsurface fluid and principle of choosing well has been put forward.

18. 布网的意思

18. 将设计的系统布置在一个典型的三室一厅居室内进行了布网测试,测试结果表明主控制端能对开关(组)进行智能控制,大多数功能得到了实现。
      Network construction tests of the designed system are performed in a typical three bedroom apartment. Results indicate that the smart controlling of switch groups can be realized by the main controller, and most other functions have been achieved.

19. 本文主要介绍厦门市管线测量控制网的布设方式、数据处理方法、成果精度和布网的创新点。
      This paper mainly introduced the distributing manner date processing method, precision and several innovations of the measuring control network for underground pipe in Xiamen.

20. 911查询·英语单词

20. 结合山岭重丘地区的一水电工程,根据其特殊的地形条件,采用了新型的导线布网形式,避免了树木的大量砍伐,确保通视良好;
      According to the complex topography, especially mountain area, this paper adopted the new traverse in a hydroelectric engineering, which avoid the tree to chop down and insure orientation to see good.

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